Fort Lauderdale GIS

1. How do I get access to GIS information or a GIS service not offered on your website?

Requests for data, maps or services not available through our web portal will be handled as public record requests unless the request is made by a representative of a City recognized Civic Association. If you wish to start a public records request, do so by e-mailing us.

2. How often is the information in your applications and on your website updated?

The update frequency varies among the different types of information. Some are weekly, some monthly, some annually, while other more time sensitive information such as code cases and building permits may be daily. Then there are others like the City Limits or the County Boundary that may change every few years or never. If you have questions regarding the update frequency of the specific type of information feel free to contact us.

3. Some searches in your application return a result saying “This information is only available for properties in the City of Fort Lauderdale”. What if I would like to have access to this information in a different municipality?

Please send us an e-mail describing the type of information for which you are interested and the municipality of interest to you. The e-mail serves as documentation that we can use to elevate your request to the appropriate city officials. It would also help if you include a phone number where we can reach you for the purpose of following up.