The Green Your Routine IN Action Map

See how we’re working together towards a sustainable Fort Lauderdale, learn how to get in on the action, and share your success stories.

About this Map

A lot has happened since we published our City’s first Sustainability Action Plan in 2009 and asked you to “Green Your Routine.”  Some of it has happened through government projects or programs, some of it through private business, neighborhood, school or organization action, and a lot of it through personal initiative.  Together, we have done a great job in laying the foundation for our future.  Use this map to explore our community’s progress.  It is a showcase of what we’re doing right in Fort Lauderdale, and way to explore the diversity of approaches to sustainability.

How to Use this Map

There are three layers to the map.  Click on the tabs just under the main banner to toggle between the layers.

Each layer of the map is a carefully curated collection of points of interest (POI) in the City of Fort Lauderdale.  Each POI is an actual, real place.  POIs represent achievements, installations, projects planned or in process, representative buildings or organizations, and sometimes service providers.

  1. Start with “Get Inspired” to see what is working and to get ideas. 
  2. When you’re ready to learn more, use “Get Information” to locate places and providers that can teach you how to live, work and play more sustainably or inform you about major sustainability projects in our City. 
  3. Finally, search “Get Involved” for a myriad of ways to participate in greener living and to help bring our City’s Sustainability Action Plan to life.  Volunteer, use a disposal site, or buy local—it all helps.

Within each tab you can scroll through the thumbnails to see what’s happing in the City of Fort Lauderdale.  Each thumbnail corresponds to a point of interest on the map.  When you “mouse over” the thumbnail or its corresponding point, you will see a fly-out box containing a brief description of the item and a link to more information.  Clicking “Learn more…” provides a pop-up with details about this story, contact information, and a web link.

The map works similarly to other mapping tools in that you can zoom in and out to see more or less of the City.  Its boundaries are Fort Lauderdale proper.  To see what’s going on in your Commission District or neighborhood, you can choose to zoom to that part of the map.  For information on sustainable initiatives outside of our City, we recommend visiting other maps such as the one provided by Broward County.

But, wait, there’s more!

Links in the upper right corner provide you access to much more information:

Opens this instruction page.
Contribute your own story.  (See more information in the section below.)
Share the map through email, Facebook or Twitter.
Access our Sustainability Action Plan.
Open our Green Your Routine website.

How to Contribute to the Map

Don’t see a story about something that’s happening in your area? We want to hear from you! Use the link provided to share Green Your Routine success stories you’ve heard.

Just fill out the form being sure to include the required information, upload a photo or video, and press the Send button.  It’s that easy!  Your story goes to our Sustainability Division, and may become part of our education and outreach to teach others how to live, work and play green.

Nothing happening in your area?  We hope that you’ll be inspired by the things you see here to get more information and get involved to Green Your Routine.

For More Information

Please contact our Sustainability Division by calling City of Fort Lauderdale 24-hour Customer Service at 954-828-8000.